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Energy market barometer report - Summer 2017

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23 Juin 2017

This Summer 2017 edition of the Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) Energy Market Barometer explores the opinion of French energy experts on the effects of Brexit on Europe's internal energy market. French experts were also asked about the investment climate in energy technologies.

Report #8 - Summer 2017

Project team

Joachim Schleich (Coordinator), Mélodie Cartel, Mark Olsthoorn, Evan Shao, Anne-Lorène Vernay, Fabrice Arroyo and Mickaël Buffart. 

The GEM Energy Market Barometer Report (Baromètre du Marché de l'Energie) is a twice-yearly survey of energy market experts from industry, science, and public administration in France. These experts are asked to provide their assessment of short-, medium- and long-term developments of national and international energy markets. This report is based on a survey that was conducted in May 2017 and included 83 participants from France.

Download the full report (PDF)

Key findings

  • Brexit will have virtually no effect on security of supply or on prices of natural gas or electricity in France.
  • Brexit will lead to slight divestment by French energy companies in the UK.
  • Brexit will not affect the EU greenhouse gas emissions target for 2030.
  • The UK leaving the internal energy market means more harm to the UK than to the rest of the EU.
  • New energy technologies enjoy a favorable investment climate in France.
  • In the next five years, new energy technologies will benefit while natural gas and nuclear will suffer.
  • The French energy transition may be gaining momentum.

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