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The Executive Leadership Certificate: a 360 degree approach

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17 Juin 2021

In 2019, the Leadership Institute in Quebec partnered with Grenoble Ecole de Management, heralding a first-of-its-kind leadership training program in France. Rachel Rossetto, manager of an agri-food production plant, completed the Executive Leadership Certificate program  remotely. And tells us about her experience.

Rachel Rossetto, 49, is the manager of the Le Moulin de la Chaume production plant in Ardèche, part of the Agromousquetaires group. She manages a team of 87 employees (a hundred or so at the height of the season), who make and ship frozen bread which is distributed in the various supermarkets of the Les Mousquetaires group. Rachel Rosetto is an agri-food engineer with a postgraduate degree in management control. She completed the Executive Leadership Certificate program, from February to April 2021 - six days of training every Monday and Thursday afternoon. The entire program was conducted remotely, involving participants from three countries: Quebec, Burkina Faso and France.

Working on the assessment

"My initial focus was on the assessment work, i.e. the ability to improve the group's strategy and to develop its political influence.  In fact, I applied the strategy defined by the company, without being the instigator," she emphasizes. The challenge for me was to better understand the "political game".

Among the speakers for political influence, Pierre Lainey, a Canadian professor at HEC Montréal, will be participating. "I, for one, saw the "political game" as having a negative connotation. However, it is a very positive notion. The idea is to gain legitimacy, confidence and the ability to convince. I am now better equipped to contribute to certain discussions with management and/or shareholders. The program helped me to better identify my allies - depending on the context and the sometimes complex socio-professional environment. "

Speakers and skills intervenants et des savoir-être

"The speakers - teachers and external figures from the world of politics, industry and communication, etc. - are leaders with strong personalities! We had the opportunity to hear the accounts of six individuals from Quebec and France, recognized for their leadership. Each person gave his or her vision of leadership and how they managed to reach the highest level. Virginie Guillot, a fighter pilot in the Patrouille de France, provided an extremely interesting insight into her career, coupled with a strong vision of leadership. "

Nabil Doss, an expert in influence communication, has developed key concepts, including the ability to inspire your audience through narrative power. Annick Trépanier, a Canadian consultant, international speaker and teacher, put "managerial courage" into perspective given the importance of becoming aware of one's own level of courage and taking action. Why question yourself? Why should we persevere, undertake and also know how to give up?

Developing leadership and strategy

Another major benefit of the program is learning about the concept of leadership. "Looking back, getting teams on board is much easier for me. The program has allowed me to strengthen some key concepts, and above all, to be sure that I am heading in the right direction! I also don't hesitate to question myself and re-evaluate my expectations. "

"Strategy is also prominent throughout the program. This is quite different from tactics  where we find ourselves most of the time, even at the group level! Vincent Desportes, Chief of the Armed Forces, spoke with gusto, shedding light on these notions  on the theme of "authentic leadership and strategic thinking. " 

Lectures are at the heart of the program

"However, the heart of the program is fueled by lectures and practical exercises within the work groups. This year, we worked via videoconference, in a multicultural team. Kindness, including not judging others, is characteristic of Canadians. Being kind creates a certain energy which is conducive to discussions and encourages debate. We gave a summary of the group work at the end of each day. 

I was particularly interested in the lectures on emotional intelligence. The idea of making the commitment of employees less uncertain, by giving them a common and individual sense of work, is essential. Similarly, it is important to deal with stress management and resilience, following a year-long health crisis in an agri-food plant. In fact, I was at the heart of the crisis, present at the plant every day, wondering whether or not employees would come to the production site. All in all, I came out of the experience with a greater sense of accomplishment and strengthened skills. The program has opened my eyes and my mind, and has given me the opportunity to enrich my own methods: nothing is set in stone! My notes now help me to keep reflecting," concludes Rachel Rosetto.

About the Leadership Institute

Since its creation in 2013 in Quebec, the Leadership Institute has taught over 1,000 students. In November 2019, the Leadership Institute launched its first publication, in Paris, in partnership with Grenoble Ecole de Management. 

The Leadership Institute - instituteleadership.ca - is dedicated to increasing the competitiveness of companies by developing the expertise of executives and managers. It has a unique ability to collaborate in partnership with various socio-economic organizations, leaders and specialist entrepreneurs. By providing special access to renowned teachers and players, the  Executive Leadership Certificate program equips and inspires participants to quickly achieve a higher level of leadership.

The Executive Leadership Certificate covers six modules: strategic management, creative leadership, communication skills, team engagement, coaching and talent management, and political acumen and influence. Focused on practice, the program allows participants to quickly apply the expertise provided by Canadian and French speakers, thus allowing them to benefit from a diversified vision of management in these two markets.


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